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Sucker4urlove's Journal is FRIENDS ONLY! ;]

my journal is friends only. i wanna see people adding me only if your going to comment every once & a while, & update atleast 3 times a month. i post alot of pictures of myself, my best friends, trips, school, me & my boyfriend, etc. i do have alot of drama in my life, but i dont expect you to pick sides if you kno them or whatever. i dont like to read entries or comments that are in anyway close to tYpIn lYk DiZ. id appreciate it if you used whole words & spoke english. i will not comment every entry you post, so dont expect it. but, if i find you interesting enough to keep you on my friends list, i will comment on about every other entry, if not more. you will notice, the more i comment, the more i like you. i am for abortion & gay marraige. im pretty much anti-bush. i agree with inter-racial relationships, sex before marraige, & gay relationships aswell.

i also change my layout, userinfo, & icons frequently because i enjoy making graphics & layouts.

do not comment on my journal asking about graphics, overrides, layouts, or anything of the kind inless your asking to reqest something of my own in a community.

i make layouts & graphics at _inkpen & i also own the rating community attraction__
if you have any problems with the above, then dont add me. if not, comment here & ill add you back! =]

find me on greatestjournal @:

if you have any regards, email me @:

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I love you micky, but why the new journal?
8] cus i'm cool, hah i dunno .. just wanted one. i love you too teddy <3


13 years ago


13 years ago

Whoa, this journal's really some hot shiatt. Lol. haha.. it's so very pretty i love it.
i added u already. add me back?

my love,
uh duh? your karin? ;D hah <3
add me cuz you love me more then jason =)
haha jussst kidding <3
haha, i love you and jason equally, except you more but only as my lesbian partner ;D <3
lol man of course you were gonna add me. PSH!
hey micky? guess what? your the only hoochie i love. =)

<333333333333333333333333333 x 2837273671823657123059

YAY haha <33333333333333333333333 x infinite + 69 ;D


13 years ago


13 years ago

add me
added =]


13 years ago

okkk poop eaterrrrr i commenteddddd
;D <33 you belidna
added back white girl =]<3
um yea you better like add me.
lol um .. duh? ;P
add me =)
of coarse my lesbian friend =]
add meeee
add the mini me =)
=] add the big me back
add me 2 i already added u
of coarse =]
add me. <3
added 8]
hey sexyyyyyyy add me!!!!!!
=] sure baby <3333
add me bioch!! alexoxo
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